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"Ken is an amazing mediator who has a wealth of experience and knowledge. You will quickly realize that he is working for YOU, and will do so vigorously until all options are explored." - Michelle C.

"Mediation is not supposed to be this fun! Ken has a way of making this process as smooth as it can be. He allowed us to look at the big picture and put our dispute in perspective." - Jay P.

"Ken is like a 'Mediation Chameleon,' he can be tough, or he can be your best friend. He has an uncanny way to determine which approach is best to resolve a situation." - Simon S.

Sunnyvale Mediators

These mediators are also available to travel throughout the Bay Area at no extra cost to help you resolve your dispute:

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Kenneth R. Spalasso, Esq.

Director, Sunnyvale Mediation

Ken Spalasso is a certified mediator, Temporary Superior Court Judge, and an arbitrator with over 12 years experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR); he is also an accomplished trial attorney in private practice specializing in personal injury, landlord-tenant, and business contracts. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Mr. Spalasso received his education in San Francisco at St. Ignatius College Preparatory, and Santa Clara University for both the Undergraduate Program, and The School of Law. In law school, he gained instant success academically, placing in the top 15% of his class. He has certificates of over 100 hours of significant ADR training by the Bay Area's most prominent mediation figures in divorce, community, and court mediations.

Over the years, Mr. Spalasso has handled hundreds of alternative dispute resolution cases ranging from personal injury, IP, landlord-tenant, real estate, entertainment, employment, and startup to family/divorce disputes. As an attorney, he has had several achievements, including negotiating and resolving over 5,000 lawsuits filed in various counties throughout the country. In addition, he has had successful outcomes at jury trials, arbitrations, and mediations. He is a member in good standing of the State Bar of California with no public record of discipline, and is also licensed to practice law in the Federal Courts of the United States.

He serves on various arbitration and mediation panels, for private organizations, the County of Santa Clara, bar associations, and court-annexed programs around the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. As a Santa Clara County Temporary Judge, he has presided over a thousand individuals in both Small Claims and Traffic Court. He has settled hundreds of cases as a private mediator, Small Claims Court mediator, community mediator, and Mandatory Settlement Conference Temporary Judge.

Mr. Spalasso has conducted many seminars in insurance issues, landlord-tenant matters, and mediation advanced skills training. He has served as a mediation trainer, coach, and mentor. He recently spoke at the Temporary Judge Small Claims Training and at a prominent 40-Hour mediation course in the Bay Area.

In his spare time, Mr. Spalasso has also had great success in his entrepeneurial endeavors in technology, web publishing, and entertainment.

He either has been or is currently a member of:

The American Bar Association
California State Bar Association
Los Angeles County Bar Association
Santa Clara County Bar Association
San Francisco County Superior Court Self-Represented Litigant Program
San Francisco County Limited Superior Court Mediation Program
Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Program (Advisory Board Member)
Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity
Santa Clara Bar Association Fee Arbitration Program (Panel Chair)
Santa Clara Bar Association Fee Mediation Program (Panel Chair)
Santa Clara County Superior Court ADR Panel

Download Ken Spalasso's Mediator CV (Cirriculum Vitae)