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"I have been to five mediations and spent thousands of dollars before someone like Ken finally figured out how to get both of us to meet halfway! I can go on with my life now!" - Angie S.

"We agreed on a payment plan, and a year later, the balance is now paid in full. I probably would have spent so much time an effort trying to collect a judgment, but by bringing the other party to mediation, we came up with a realistic plan that worked for everyone." - Ted F.

"I didn't get everything I wanted, but that is not what mediation is about. Ken showed me that I was risking thousands of dollars in legal expenses, and by taking less, I am actually ahead of the game!"
-Laura B.

The Benefits of Mediation (ADR)


You maintain more control of the outcome

In litigation, a judge or a jury ultimately decides the outcome of your matter. While you may believe you have compelling arguments and the "law on your side," there are occasions when unpredictable events at a trial or a hearing can lead to an undesirable result. Many times, we have witnessed parties leave the courtroom, devastated by a verdict. In mediation, you can eliminate this risk, by choosing from the variety of options that makes the best sense for you and your family.

Disputes can be settled promptly

For many people, the idea of not knowing the final result of their dispute for weeks, hours, or years is not only unbearable, but it also consumes their daily lives because it means more paperwork, more stress, and more
uncertainty. Those who choose mediation are those who make a conscious decision to "get their life back," by addressing their conflict head-on, with the goal of making sacrifices to put this chapter of their life behind them.

In addition, for those plaintiffs who are expecting some monetary result, we have mediated matters where settlement checks were delivered in a surprisingly short period of time - sometimes even the same day.

Mediation costs can be significantly less

The costs of litigation, many of them unrecoverable, are staggering. For those whose financial bottom line is important to them, mediation is a no-brainer. This is because, often times, the expense of litigation far exceeds the amount of a proposed settlement.

Mediation promotes better relationships

Many people have tried to communicate countless times, and have decided to give up. But have you tried with a mediator? The difference is that, with mediation, the mediator uses proven methods to make progress during the mediation, so that the parties can regain confidence in their ability to work together on many issues.

Mediation is private and confidential

For the most part, your litigated matter will be public record. This means that creditors, employers, and anyone else who gains access to your case, can draw conclusions as they see fit from the file. In mediation, however, you can control the confidentiality, depending on the type of dispute you have. In mediation, subject to state law, you have an opportunity to get things off your chest, with the comfort of knowing that it is not being transcribed, and will not be introduced into evidence.

Mediation forces you to pause and re-examine your dispute

Even if your matter does not resolve, mediation is a way for you to spend time, with a neutral mediator, to evaluate your dispute, with respect to costs, emotional toll, pros and cons of your position, etc. Often parties do not dedicate enough time to projecting the the risks and expense of their dispute, and get shocked when they look back and see how time consuming and expensive their case has been. Mediation can be a way to
examine all aspects of the matter, leaving no stone unturned. Once the key issues have been highlighted, individuals many times contact each other soon after mediation to bridge the gaps, once they've had more time to think about all the things they heard at the mediation session.