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"I have been to five mediations and spent thousands of dollars before someone like Ken finally figured out how to get both of us to meet halfway! I can go on with my life now!" - Angie S.

"We agreed on a payment plan, and a year later, the balance is now paid in full. I probably would have spent so much time an effort trying to collect a judgment, but by bringing the other party to mediation, we came up with a realistic plan that worked for everyone." - Ted F.

"I didn't get everything I wanted, but that is not what mediation is about. Ken showed me that I was risking thousands of dollars in legal expenses, and by taking less, I am actually ahead of the game!"
-Laura B.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is mediation?

In short, mediation is a dispute resolution process that people use when they want to put an end to their dispute, while retaining control over the outcome. WIth a neutral person assisting the parties in communication and problem-solving, parties either reach a resolution or leave having a better understanding of the key issues in the dispute, and how to work on bridging the gap moving forward.

How long does the mediation take?

The goal of every mediation is to resolve the dispute in as short a time as possible. However, rushing too fast into a settlement decision, is a sure-fire way for parties to have regrets about their choices. It is important for an agreement to be durable, and the average time per session is about three hours to allow sufficient time to explore all outcomes and consequences. We always advise never go to a mediation when you are in a hurry to be somewhere.

Gosh, this ligation is expensive! Can you get me out of this before I go broke?

We'll do our best. Many times parties come into the mediation not budging, and we are somehow able to work magic and get the matter resolved. At the end of your day, you are in control of your own destiny. You can either dismiss your case or you can accept/or pay an amount that makes sense for you, given the future expense, and chances of victory.

Do I have to sit together with the other party?

No. While some mediators insist on joint sessions, we take the time to find out what works best for each party and, in many cases, split the parties up for "shuttle diplomacy," if that is what's called for.

When and where are the mediations scheduled?

Mediations are usually scheduled during business hours. We have a location in an office building in Sunnyvale to serve you, or can easily secure a location, using our partners, that is convenient for both parties involved.

How can you offer rates that are way more reasonable than other mediators? Is it because they are better than you or more experienced?

A major goal of Sunnyvale Mediation is to make professional and experienced mediators more accessible for businesses, individuals, and families. The mediators on our roster, are those who truly care about striking a proper balance between mediation rates, and helping folks move past their disputes. Our background and experience show that we are professionals in this industry, and while many mediators have been around longer, a settled dispute is a settled dispute. Some pay thousands of dollars for one day's worth of mediation, while others can only pay hundreds at Sunnyvale Mediation, and often get the same if not better exerience.

Can I bring my attorney?

It's up to you. Attorneys may be consulted during or upon completion of the process. If you have one, he/she is more than welcome. If you are relying on the legal advice of an attorney, and you are serious about settling your case in mediation, you will need to bring that attorney to mediation. Upon completion of the mediation, parties are encouraged to have their Settlement Agreement reviewed by independent counsel before signing it.

How do I get the other party to come to mediation?

Mediation is a relatively new process that is not always well understood. Do not be surprised if the person you are in conflict with has little enthusiasm at first. Don’t give up. Be open and invite them to speak with us or visit this website.

How is mediation different from therapy?

The scope of mediation is far narrower and less probing than therapy. The mediator navigates you through your emotions to help you identify needs and solutions. When both parties hear and understand each other, these solutions usually emerge rapidly. However, while our objective is to resolve issues, personal growth and healing often follow.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial process in which spouses work together with a neutral mediator to clarify their goals, identify their options, and work through issues that must be resolved before finalizing their divorce. By facilitating the conversation in an impartial fashion, Sunnyvale Mediation helps you control the outcome of your divorce. By collaborating, both spouses resolve issues quickly and without the huge costs incurred in court battles. This process provides a kinder approach to dissolving a relationship that was once meaningful and lays the foundation for effective communication going forward. This is especially important for couples with children.

If I choose mediation for my divorce, what happens after we reach an agreement?

You will usually formalize your decisions by a written Settlement Agreement. Each spouse then has the option to have the agreement reviewed by their own independent attorney before signing it. The Settlement Agreement and other legal documents are submitted to court and you are single and unmarried on the date that the Court enters the Judgment of Divorce.

Do I need to bring anything to the first divorce mediation?

No special preparation is needed for the first session. However, we will make better progress if you arrive with basic information about your assets, liabilities, children's schedules, and goals.