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The Other ADR Option:
Sunnyvale Arbitration Services

For those that want another fast way to resolve disputes outside of court, our experience on both sides of legal issues makes us the best choice to conduct an arbitration that is as fair as you can get. We also provide a minimum two-page arbitration decision, so you know exactly how we arrived at the arbitration award. All this, at a fraction of the cost of normal arbitrations!

"Ken is extremely thorough as an arbitrator because he knows how important the matter is to the parties. Not only is he about as fair as they get, but he also goes above and beyond in explaining his decision."


Sunnyvale Mediation
The Premier Provider of Professional Mediation Services, based in the Heart of Silicon Valley

From the Founder of Sunnyvale Mediation, Kenneth R. Spalasso, Esq :

"As an attorney, practicing law in a wide variety of subject matters over the past 12 years, negotiating the settlement of over 4,000 cases filed in the Superior Courts of California, I am excited to bring my unrivaled experience in negotiation, communication, and dispute resolution to you at a fraction of the cost that other well-known mediators charge. As a fair, dynamic, and efficient neutral, I have successfully resolved hundreds of matters ranging in values from $100 to $2,000,000. Choose Sunnyvale Mediation because your dispute deserves someone with top-notch academic credentials, a proven litigation background, and amazing success resolving the same matters as a mediator, that even the best mediators in California tried and couldn't. My secret is simple. I have worked as both a defense attorney, and a plaintiff attorney. I have been a landlord, and have also been a tenant. While many will tell you that they are an unbiased and fair mediator, I have the background to prove it"

"Our Goal is to give you the Best Mediator so you can have the Best Mediation. Your mediation can end with a fair settlement agreement, a handshake, a group hug, or all of the above. We have made that happen in the past, and we want you to join us in making that happen for you."

 Conflict & Dispute Resolution Areas:
Did you know that over 90% of all cases in Santa Clara County Superior Court settle before trial? Why not mediate your matter and try to avoid future expense, stress, and time spent on a dispute with no guaranteed results? We have successfully resolved disputes in the following areas:

Security Deposit Mediation
Landlord Tenant Mediation
Personal Injury Mediation
Auto Accident Mediation
Divorce/Custody Mediation
Startup Mediation
Business/Contracts Mediation
Trust/Probate Mediation
Construction Mediation
Neighbor Dispute Mediation
Real Estate Mediation
Sibling Mediation
Homeowner's Association Mediation

Debt Collection Mediation
Insurance Coverage Mediation
Employment Mediation
Intellectual Property Mediation

Retail/Consumer Mediation
Attorney/Client Mediation

 Bay Area Mediation:
Did you know we serve Santa Clara County, San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Alameda County, Marin County, and Santa Cruz County? Even though we're based in Sunnyvale, California, we can travel anywhere to set up a mediation. Successful examples include:

San Jose Mediation
San Francisco Mediation
San Mateo Mediation
Palo Alto Mediation
Santa Clara Mediation
Cupertino Mediation
Mountain View Mediation
Fremont Mediation
Los Gatos Mediation

Redwood City Mediation
Hayward Mediation
Oakland Mediation
Menlo Park Mediation
Los Altos Mediation

Sacramento Mediation
Campbell Mediation
Milpitas Mediation

Saratoga Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Sunnyvale Mediation Advantage

 Mediations that stick. While judgments can be difficult to collect, we find that parties tend to honor their mediated agreements because they resolve their dispute on their own terms.

Insurance Company experience. Most cases in litigation involve dealing with insurance adjusters. We have extensive experience dealing with all major carriers.

Breaking down Cultural Barriers. As the Bay Area features a rich and diverse group of residents, we have gained significant expertise in dealing with a wide variety of individuals from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Creative Solutions. While we have settled many cases effectively using traditional methods, we aren't afraid to think "outside the box" and come up with a variety of ways to achieve desired results.